A Complete Guide to Exploring the Best of Mechuka : Top tourist attractions and more

Mechuka: A Visual Treat of Picturesque Villages, Waterfalls, and Monasteries

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1/3/20235 min read

Mechuka: A Visual Treat of Picturesque Villages, Waterfalls, and Monasteries

Mechuka is a mesmerizing location, offering stunning vistas of natural beauty that can transport you to a dreamlike state. It’s breathtaking scenery and captivating landscapes are perfect for losing oneself in the midst of majestic natural beauty. quaint town of Mechuka is adorned with beautiful houses having blue and red colored roofs , adding to the charm of the place. Once you are in Mechuka, it feels like you are living in a dream world, surrounded by breathtaking vistas and natural beauty. For those seeking an offbeat adventure in Arunachal Pradesh, Mechuka is a perfect destination for them.

There are many picturesque places dotted around every corner of Mechuka. You never feel tired of watching and admiring nature’s beauty. So it is also known as “Mini Switzerland”. Some top attractions in Mechuka are Dorjeeling Village, Hanuman Point, Guru Nanak Taposthan and Gurudwara, New Gompa, Mechuka Basti, Samten Yongcha Monastery (old Gompa) etc.

Apart from these, you can also see the 1962 war point in Mengang village, where the Indo-China war took place. You can also visit the spectacular Lamang and Yarlung Camp. The road that leads to Lamang is very scenic and passes through coniferous forests.

Mechuka Valley (Mechukha) is one of the most pristine places in India, located in eastern Arunachal Pradesh. This beautiful valley is just 29 kilometers from the Indo-Tibet boundary. Home to Mamba and Adi tribes, Mechuka Valley has its own cultural, religious, and historical significance. Owing to its mesmerizing scenic beauty, bizarre tribes, snow-covered mountains, striking hills, and stunning landscape Mechuka Valley tourism is always a hotspot.

Top tourist attractions in Mechuka

1. Siko Dido waterfall

The magnificent Siko Dido waterfall is a must-visit attraction located on the way to Mechuka. This giant waterfall is a breathtaking sight and adds to the natural beauty of the region. There are a few small eateries near the falls where you can enjoy a cup of tea or Maggi noodles while admiring the scenery.

2. Dorjeeling Village

The picturesque village offers an unparalleled view of the mesmerizing beauty of Mechuka. Visitors can marvel at the scenic hills and stunning vistas of the village. The quaint village is adorned with scattered cottages overlooking the mountains and features a scenic green valley that serves as a grazing ground for horses. It is highly recommended to explore the village on foot to soak in the natural beauty. Additionally, the mesmerizing Siyom River flows through the village, adding to its charm. Visitors can also visit the Salman Khan View Point, which is a popular attraction in the village.

3. Siyom river bank

The thrilling Siyom river flows through the picturesque town of Mechuka, offering a stunning view to its visitors. For an exciting experience, one can hike to the Siyom river bank early in the morning and enjoy the crystal-clear water. Another thrilling activity is to cross the suspension bridges over the river.

4. Guru Nanak Taposthan and Gurudwara

The Gurudwara is a significant religious site located atop a hill and maintained by the Indian Army. The Gurudwara was established by Sikh soldiers of the Indian Army in 1980 and offers visitors free meals during lunchtime. It is said that Guru Nanak Ji stopped and meditated here during his journey to Tibet, and nearby is the Taposthan, where his body impression can be seen. Visitors can also try their luck by finding the lucky stone in the river near Taposthan. While locals believe that the impression was of the Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava, the Gurudwara is still a symbol of the great hospitality of the Indian Army in Mechuka.

5. Hanuman Point

Located on the way to the Indo-Tibetan border at Lamang, there is a striking rock formation in the shape of Lord Hanuman’s face visible on the top of a hill. The stunning view of the surrounding mountains and valleys from the viewpoint makes it a popular spot for tourists to stop and take in the breathtaking scenery.

6. Samten Yongcha monastery

One of the major attractions of Mechuka Valley is Samten Yongcha Monastery, a 400 years old monastery situated at the peak of a hill in Mechuka. It is one of the most popular Buddhist monasteries in Arunachal Pradesh. A huge golden statue of Lord Buddha sitting in a meditation position fills the heart of every visitor with immense peace and contentment.

From there, visitors can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the entire town and the surrounding valley. The view of Mechuka town at night from the top is also breathtaking. The monastery has unique carvings, monuments, and books belonging to the ancient Tibetan Buddhist religion. Find more details on this stunning place in Tripadvisor.

7. Lamang and Yarlung Camp

Located on the Indo-Tibet border, Lamang is a pristine and remote place in Mechuka. It is the last post in India where visitors are allowed. Visitors must obtain a permit to visit Lamang, which can be done at Mechuka town. The road leading to Lamang is narrow and passes through beautiful forests, trees, and stunning waterfalls. It is difficult to describe the beauty of this place in words.

f you love adventure and hiking you can go for hiking in Mechuka-La or other hills with a local guide. Mechuka Adventure Festival that held in November is the best time to enjoy hiking, paragliding, Hot air ballooning etc.

Insider’s Guide to Homestays, Food, and Culture of Mechuka

Homestay in Mechuka

Mechuka is a remote and offbeat destination in Arunachal Pradesh, and one of the best ways to experience the local culture and lifestyle is by staying in a homestay. Mechuka has a good selection of homestays/hotels available. They offer a unique opportunity to live with the locals, understand their customs, and enjoy their warm hospitality. The rooms are simple but comfortable, and the food is mostly organic and locally sourced. Staying in a homestay in Mechuka is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and make new friends.

Some of the popular homestays in Mechuka are Gebu Sona’s homestay (the GTL homestay), Dhondup homestay, Potala homestay, Zenyor’s homestay, etc. The price of homestay starts at Rs 1000 per night per person.What to shop

The small town is also dotted with many stores where you can buy warm clothes, jackets, boots etc., along with some incredible Tibetan-style souvenirs.


If you are planning to book a holiday to Mechuka Valley in February, don’t miss the Losar Festival— a festival for welcoming the New Year that continues for fifteen days. Another major festival of Arunachal Pradesh is Mopin Festival– A five days festival held in March or April for wellness and prosperity. It is celebrated by the Galo Adi tribe. Plan and book a holiday package with Nexplore and be a part of this whole new experience of celebrating festivals.

Weather of Mechuka

Although October to March is considered the best time to visit Mechuka, tourists flock to this stunning place all year round. The valley looks breathtaking during the monsoon months, as the barren hills surrounding it turn lush green. If you want to witness the vibrant culture of the locals, plan your visit in March or April when the Mopin festival is celebrated, making Mechuka an even more attractive destination. Losar festival in February is also a great reason to book a holiday package to Mechuka during winter.

Best time to visit

Monsoon in Mechuka usually starts in June and continues till September. However, the temperature remains twenties but it is not advisable to visit Mechuka Valley in the Monsoon season, as storms followed by heavy to medium rainfall are quite expectable in monsoon.

Being surrounded by wide Himalayan range, winters are the best time to visit Mechuka Valley. Post monsoon months of September -October to March is considered as best season for Mechuka. Enchanting snow-covered peaks and snowfall can be enjoyed during winter.

How to reach

By Road: Mechuka can be easily reached via well-connected roads from nearby towns. Along or Aalo is the nearest town to reach Mechuka which is 192 km (6 hours) from Dibrugarh via Likabali border. The distance from Along is around 190 km, which takes around 6-7 hr to cover, depending on road conditions.

From Guwahati, you can reach Mechuka via Dibrugarh or Pasighat.

By Air: Mohanbari Airport in Dibrugarh, Assam is the nearest airport. Another nearby airports are in the Lakhimpur which is around 420 km from Mechuka.

By Train: Murkongselek Railway station in East Siang District is the nearest railway station 334 km from away.